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The system installed at our Service Training Centre has been well-received. The Receptionist has let me know it’s fine, people are comfortable with it (a bit of a comfort blanket) and confirms points you’ve listed about people entering from the sun giving high readings. All in all, a nice compact system providing reassurance.
John Hancock
Estates Manager, County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service
Our business and 3 family homes have systems, (CCTV & Alarms) from JCS Ltd. Jay is knowledgeable but down to earth and only a call or email away if you need help. Fantastic system and service!
Rayson Homes
We are very satisfied with the system and service provided by JCS Ltd. The feedback from our onsite occupational health provider who monitors the system, is this system has proven to be very accurate and efficient. It ensures that two-meter social distance is achieved and prevents touch points compared to using a thermal temperature gun, which has not always been proven to be accurate.

In addition, the feedback from Komatsu employees and contractors has been very positive, it provides a sense of feeling secure whilst entering site, there is no need to stop whilst having your temperature taken. Because occupational health is present as you walk through the screening, it provides a great reassurance, and if a temperature were above 37.8°C professional advice and guidance is provided.”