Whether they are coming in or going out, you can establish complete control with a Hikvision system from JCS.

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Take command of your access control with HIKVISION

Complete, end-to-end solutions – from cameras
to access controllers, from alarm relays to
IP architecture, from door locks to DVRs, and
more – have been meticulously engineered by
the world’s largest R&D Development team in
the security industry. Hikvision’s development
facilities lead the industry in advancing the
technology of every essential piece in an Access
Control system. And we’re just getting started.

System Topology

A complete access control system consists of an access controller, card reader, exit button, lock and software platform, along with any other needed accessories.

Access Control Topology

Leading a New Century for Biometric Identification in Access Control

Hikvision’s facial recognition control terminal embedded with the proprietary deep-learning algorithm gives users the capability to use captured pictures to build face models makes it stand out among competitors.

Ask us what Hikvision biometric access solutions we can offer you.

Take Control with HIKVISION

The need for perimeter security, both indoor
and outdoor, grows every day.

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