In a recent press release, the Federation for small businesses had this to say regarding JCS Ltd’s work around installing temperature screening systems.

Innovative Temperature Screening System Helps Businesses Get Back To Work.

With lockdown measures starting to ease Consett based JCS Ltd has developed an innovative temperature screening system to help provide reassurance to businesses that are reopening.
The Hikvision system is already being deployed across a wide range of industries including hospitals, nursing homes and manufacturing plants. Komatsu, in Birtley, has been one of the first to use the system which has helped 300 staff return to work.
The temperature screening thermal solution provides a fast overview of the surface skin temperature of all people entering a building or a facility. It is done quickly and at a safe distance without having to put a member of staff at risk. 
The accuracy of the devices is up to +- 0.3 degrees allowing for an accurate early warning solution – if someone is detected as having a high surface skin temperature. They can then be isolated in a safe location where a temperature can be confirmed
The team at JCS Ltd want to help small businesses to get back on their feet to boost the recovery of the North East economy. It will also help deliver the solutions needed to deliver the regional readiness plan to reopen workplaces that includes considering temperature screening.
Kelsey Stoddart, JCS Ltd, said:
As a small business we know that there is some nervousness about opening up businesses and buildings. That is why we have developed our temperature screening system to help businesses open up in a safe manner.
Our system is helping small and large organisations get back to work in an ethical cost-effective manner. Those that are already using the system say it has reassured staff and employees that have returned to work
As more businesses start to reopen, we’re here to help them do so in a safe way that provides reassurance to all.
Paul Blanchard, Managing Director at Komatsu UK Ltd said;
“We are very satisfied with the system and service provided by JCS Ltd.
The feedback from our onsite occupational health provider who monitors the system, is this system has proven to be very accurate and efficient. It ensures that two-meter social distance is achieved and prevents touch points compared to using a thermal temperature gun, which has not always been proven to be accurate.
In addition, the feedback from Komatsu employees and contractors has been very positive, it provides a sense of feeling secure whilst entering site. There is no need to stop whilst having your temperature taken. Because occupational health is present as you walk through the screening, it provides a great reassurance. If a temperature registers above 37.8°C professional advice and guidance is provided.”
Businesses interested in installing the Hikvision system should get in touch with Kelsey Stoddart or James Lillistone at JCS Ltd.

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