Hikvision 1080P HD WIFI DashCam with GPS and G-Sensor


Dash Cam Designed for Cars: This camera is specially created to review clear footage after a car crash

GPS: The in-built GPS receiver shows your vehicle’s location and speed on the recordings, essential for gathering evidence in the event of a crash

WiFi: Camera connects automatically to the Hik-connect app when you start your car, so you can view live video and playback/download recordings and snapshots on your phone

Bluetooth: You can also connect and control the camera via Bluetooth

Built-In G-Sensor: For crash detection, helps give a smooth image, and ensures less bouncing with the car

On-Board Storage: Built-in card slot lets you record footage without the need for an NVR. Supports cards up to 128GB (not included), with automatic overwriting of oldest files

Wide-Angle Lens: Camera angle (up to 135°) is wider than the visual field of the human eye, offers exceptional road view

2MP Resolution: Records 1920x1080p full colour HD video

Audio: Camera boasts built-in mic and speaker

Night Vision: Great low light performance for night driving

Remote Control: Comes with mini remote button for taking snapshots and muting audio recording. Can be mounted on the vehicle dash or steering wheel

Easy Installation: Quick magnetic base mount & simple plug-and-play setup

Alerts: Voice prompts activate (feature can be switched off) when traffic lights turn green/vehicle in front moves off and your vehicle doesn’t start moving forward. Can also read speed limit signs

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The camera boasts GPS to show your vehicle’s location and speed, for when you need recordings to gather evidence for insurance after a road incident. It also has a built-in G-sensor for crash detection. It ensures a smooth image and greatly reduces car bounce.

Simple setup? Sure thing. Installation couldn’t be quicker with this car cam. You can easily mount it with the brackets and its secure magnetic base.

It also makes for a swift disassembly, in case you need to dash off and take it with you.

Setting up this quick plug-and-play system can be done in 10 seconds. The camera automatically connects to the Hik-Connect app on your smartphone as soon as you start your car. You can control the camera, live-view video, playback and download recorded footage and snapshots via WiFi or Bluetooth, whichever has your preference.

The footage will be dashing, thanks to high-detail 1080p HD resolution, low light performance for night driving, and a wide-angle lens, giving you maximum road views.

All your recordings are saved via handy onboard storage. You won’t need an NVR with a built-in card slot, supporting MicroSD cards up to 128GB, with automatic overwriting of oldest files.

A nice extra feature is the mini control button that comes with it. You can attach it to your vehicle’s dash or steering wheel. You can quickly take snapshots with it and mute audio recordings if you need to.

Speaking of audio, this nifty device has a built-in mic and speaker.

It even gives voice prompts if it detects traffic lights turning green or the vehicle in front of you moving off and your vehicle isn’t moving forward. It also detects speed limit signs. Don’t worry, you can turn this feature off if you prefer peace and quiet.


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